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New Better Body Transformation Board

With so many people experiencing such life changing results on the Better Body System, we wanted to create a simple system that empowered all of our customers with the opportunity to share their results with the world.

Introducing the brand new BetterBodyBoard.com.

Now you can upload your very own before/ after testimonial and picture, and share other people’s Better Body results with your friends, on your Facebook wall.

To post your results login to http://MyBetterBodySystem.com today. If you don’t already have a site be sure to generate one right away.

Feel free to take a screenshot of any of the individual results at BetterBodyBoard.com and post them to your Facebook wall.

* PC’s click on Windows icon (start button) and select snipping tool or google “snipping tool”

** For Mac hold down the following three keys – Cntrl-cmd-4- and drag the mouse over the portion of the screen you’d like to capture and it will be saved to your desktop.


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