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Better Body Resolution 2017

Something exciting is coming, Yoli Nation! On last night’s Momentum Call, we announced that our 2017 Better Body Resolution (BBR) will officially begin on January 3rd. We also announced that we have a special offer to help you get ready to hit the ground running once it begins:...

Be Comfortable With Who You Are

You’re probably pretty confident about where you stand in most of your relationships. You know how you feel about your loved ones, your co-workers, and even the people you run into at the grocery store. But have you ever stopped to consider your relationship with yourself? Being...

Yoli Connection – July 2015

The second quarter of 2015 is over, and that means it’s time for the Yoli Connection! This edition of the Yoli Connection features rank advancements, exclusive training articles, and information about our upcoming events. Look inside for articles about Transform 2015, tips for...

Is Yoli Effective?

When people ask if Yoli is effective, they often mean “Is Yoli an effective way to lose weight?” And while the answer is yes, the Better Body System is a lot more than a way to drop some unwanted pounds! Here at Yoli, we focus on your health as a whole rather than focusing on the...

Transform 2015 Teaser

Start getting excited, Yoli Nation—Transform 2015 is just a few months away! Transform 2015 will be our biggest, most exciting event of the year, and we want to see each and every one of you there. From August 12th-16th, thousands of passionate Yoli Members will convene at the...

Flexibility on the BBS

One of the many reasons diets don’t work is that they’re not sustainable. Diets don’t allow for flexibility, which makes long-term success on them very difficult. In comparison, the Better Body System is a series of lifestyle changes accompanied by high-quality products. The BBS...

Happy Holidays

It’s hard to believe that in just one week, 2014 will be coming to a close. We hope each of you will have a healthy and happy holiday season. It’s been a wonderful year, Yoli Nation. We’ve welcomed countless new people to the Yoli family. We’ve spent time with you on a Caribbean...