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WISH – to go to Atlantis in the Bahamas

Logan is an inquisitive and insightful 11-year-old. He needs a liver transplant but hasn’t let that stop him from his active outdoor life. Logan dreams of swimming, palm trees, and white sand beaches. His wish is to visit the beautiful Bahamas, and he knows exactly where he wants to stay—Atlantis.


WISH – Visit Florida theme parks and meet Iron Man

Emmett is a courageous three-year-old with a bright personality and a passion for superheroes. Much like his beloved Avengers, Emmett is currently fighting his own battle with congenital heart disease. Emmett wished to visit the Florida theme parks and meet Iron Man, and we’re honored to be a part of making that possible.


WISH – Shopping Extravaganza

Despite being diagnosed with cancer, Heber maintains an unfailingly positive attitude and meets his challenges head-on with poise, confidence, and courage. Heber was able to make his wish come true and his shopping extravaganza was a success, especially thanks to his careful pre-trip planning.


WISH – Meet Princess Aurora and Princess Cinderella in the castle

Ariana is a courageous ray of sunshine who is battling a life-threatening medical condition called Neuroblastoma. When Ariana declared her wish, she didn’t have to think twice — she wanted to meet Princess Aurora and Princess Cinderella in the castle. A magical trip to the Florida theme parks is most definitely in order.


WISH – Meet Spiderman and go on rides

Meet Max. He has a deep love for cars and is bravely battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.When it came time to make his wish, Max knew he wanted to meet Spiderman and go on lots of rides, so a trip to Walt Disney World® Resort was definitely meant to be.


WISH – Celebrate his birthday on a train

Liam was diagnosed with a two-pound cancerous tumor in his stomach. Just a few months ago, doctors were concerned that he would never leave the hospital. Liam’s wish was to celebrate his birthday on a train, and his wish was able to come true.


WISH – Have a play set

Noah loves to play video games right now. He enjoys playing and wrestling. He loves his sisters, but he is also a big teaser. He’s getting into action figures, GI Joe, etc. He enjoys being outside, going to the park and jumping on the tramp. Now Noah is enjoying his new play set.


WISH – Go to Disney World

Megan is very vibrant, energetic and social, she simply loves people. She enjoys role play, like being a dog or cat. She also enjoys crafts, glue, paint and buttons. She enjoys being outside, playing or just running around, “anything on her feet!” Megan’s wish came true and she was able to visit the most magical place on earth.