Happy Halloween, Yoli Nation! We hope you’ll enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

As you get ready for Halloween night, use the following tips to help your kids have a fun, safe Halloween!


Costumes are one of the most exciting parts of Halloween, and they’re also a good way to make sure your children are safe as they trick-or-treat. It’s important to make sure that your children are visible as they go around the neighborhood, so if their costumes are dark, use reflective or glow-in-the-dark material to ensure that they will be easily seen.

Masks are also an important safety consideration. Masks look cool, but they can also make it difficult for your child to see. If they want to wear a mask, make sure they can see and breathe well while wearing it. Better yet, try using non-toxic face paint instead!


Trick-or-treating can be a lot of fun, but don’t forget that smaller kids still need to be supervised! As a parent, it’s up to you to decide how old your child needs to be to go without an adult. But as a general rule, children younger than twelve should be taken trick-or-treating by a responsible adult.

If your children are old enough to go with their friends, help them plan out their route. Make sure they know to stay in well-lit, familiar areas, and to only go up to houses that have the porch light on. You should also make sure that they have a way to contact you in case they need help. Sending them with a cell phone will give them a way to contact you, and you can check in with them regularly to make sure they’re doing okay and having a good time.

Your House

Safety isn’t just for your kids. Keeping your house safe for visiting trick-or-treaters is an important part of being a good neighbor!

If you’re planning to hand out treats, keep your driveway and sidewalks clear so children can walk without tripping. If you have household pets, keep them away from the front yard and the doorway so they won’t scare the kids. You should also keep your doorway and the pathway to your door well-lit.

If you’re not planning to hand out treats, leave the porch light off, but be sure to keep the driveway and walkways clear for kids passing by. This will help your neighborhood kids stay safe while they enjoy their Halloween.


Have a safe and happy Halloween, Yoli Nation!