Working Out With Yoli

Staying physically active can have a powerful impact on your health. That’s why this week’s Better Body Resolution challenge introduces a bodyweight circuit that will help you add more exercise to your routine. To help you get the most out of your efforts, here is how you can use Yoli products before, during, and after your workouts!


Research suggests that caffeine can help enhance your workouts, so Passion and Thermo Burn are perfect pre-workout supplements. They use a combination of natural caffeine and B vitamins to give you the energy you need to thrive. We recommend drinking a glass of Passion or taking two Thermo Burn capsules about an hour before you work out for the best results!

During Workout

Hydration is always important, but it’s especially important when you exercise. Even mild dehydration can negatively impact your workouts, so if you aren’t getting enough to drink, you’re probably not performing at your best. Our sports drink, Fun, will provide you with the electrolytes you need for proper hydration and faster recovery from exercise. As a bonus, Fun is low in calories and sweetened with stevia, so it’s the perfect drink to sip on as you work out.


After you work out, consuming some protein can help you recover and maintain your lean muscle mass. Our protein shake, YES, is a great option! A serving of YES offers twelve grams of high-quality whey protein and includes essential amino acids and macronutrients for muscle development. If you want to bump up the protein content of your shake, you can add an extra scoop of YES or mix it with dairy milk!

Remember, you can participate in our final BBR weekly challenge here through Sunday, February 17, for your chance to win a prize. For more information about transforming your life using Yoli products, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!