When you’ve lost weight, the last thing you want to do is gain it back. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to keep the weight off and maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

Try these five tips to keep the weight off!

  1. Get Moving!

Regular physical activity is a great way to maintain your weight loss. The most obvious reason is that calories are burned during exercise, but there’s more to it than that. Exercise, especially strength training, helps burn fat and strengthen your muscles. Adding in some exercise is a great way to maintain your weight loss, so we encourage you to add some physical activity to your day!

  1. Eat Healthy

You might be rolling your eyes at just how obvious this one is, but it’s easy to fall back into old habits once you’ve reached your goals. Healthy eating isn’t a temporary solution; it’s a lifestyle change that will benefit you throughout your entire life! Rather than going back to your old lifestyle once you’ve reached your goal weight, continue to eat plenty of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and fresh fruit and veggies.

  1. Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your weight control. Insufficient sleep leads your body to make more ghrelin, a hormone that signals your brain that it’s time to eat. It also suppresses the amount of leptin, which signals your brain that you’re full. This can lead to significant weight gain that you might not have realized was connected to your sleeping habits. If you regularly struggle to get enough sleep, try using Yoli’s Dream.

  1. Enjoy your Free Days

Fear of regaining lost weight might be holding you back from enjoying your Free Days, but they’re an important part of life on the Better Body System! Free Days allow you to enjoy your favorite foods, which decreases the temptation to overindulge throughout the week. Knowing that you can enjoy your favorites on a regular basis also helps you maintain your momentum, so if you want to keep the weight off, enjoy your Free Days!

  1. Embrace your Support System

Having the support of your loved ones is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you find yourself tempted to return to unhealthy habits, lean on your support system and remind yourself of the reasons you wanted to transform your life physically. By turning to the supportive people in your life, you’ll find it much easier to keep the weight off!


These five tips will help you as you continue your physical transformation. For more tips about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, subscribe to the blog below and check out our Facebook page!