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  • What happens if I change my subscription after my first month ships: will I continue earning points on my Subscribe & Save orders?
  • Yoli Rewards will continue to accrue if you have an active subscription on your account. You may edit your order and update the date.
  • How do I earn Yoli Rewards?
  • Rewards are awarded for any recurring order with CV (4-week or 8-week) during the qualification period.
  • How many Yoli Rewards will I earn with my purchase?
  • You will receive one Subscribe & Save point for every dollar you spend. Every ten Subscribe & Save points earned will convert to one Yoli Reward credit. Note that a single Yoli Reward has a value of $1 USD.

    Example: If you purchase a T-Kit: Yes & Passion for $285.94, you will receive 286 S&S points, which will convert to $28 in Yoli Rewards (see info below on Yoli Rewards).
  • How soon will I start earning Yoli rewards?
  • If you have at least one recurring order every 30 days, you will be awarded points for each of those orders shortly after the 90-day qualification period (approximately day 105). Yoli will calculate the total of all the points you have earned during those 90 days and convert them to Subscribe & Save Rewards, which can be used to purchase products with CV.
  • What happens if I cancel my order within the 90-day qualification period?
  • If an recurring order is not processed during one of the three 30-day cycles in the 90-day qualification period all points will be flushed (removed), and the 90-day qualification period will start over with the next recurring order.
  • Can I have multiple Subscribe & Save orders on my account?
  • Yes, you can have as many recurring orders during the qualification period, and all orders will count towards your point accumulation.

    However, the orders will not qualify if you have one order in the first 30 days and two orders in the second 30 days, but no orders in the last 30 days. Therefore, to be eligible for this program, you must have at least one recurring order every 30 days.
  • Will I earn Yoli Rewards on my regular purchases?
  • Rewards are only earned on recurring orders with CV. (Products, such as swag, that do not contain CV will not qualify.)
  • What happens after the initial 90-day qualification period?
  • After your initial 90-day qualification period, your points will convert to Yoli Rewards every 30 days, if you have at least one recurring order every 30 days. You will remain qualified for the Subscribe & Save rewards program if you have one recurring order every 30 days.
  • What happens if I miss a month and do not place a recurring order for 30 days after my initial 90-day qualification period?
  • In that case, all points that have not already been converted to Yoli Rewards will be flushed. Therefore, you will need to complete the 90-day qualification period again before qualifying for the program. In this scenario, your points will no longer be converted to Yoli Rewards every 30 days, until you have completed the 90-day evaluation period again.
  • When can I use my Yoli Rewards?
  • Subscribe & Save Points must be converted to Yoli Rewards before they can be used. The first
    time you may use your rewards is approximately 100 days following the initial evaluation date if you have maintained qualifying orders every 30 days.
  • How many Yoli Rewards will I earn for Subscribe & Save Points?
  • Every 10 Subscribe & Save Points Earned will convert to 1 Yoli Reward.

    *Note that a single Yoli Reward has a value of $1 USD.
  • What happens if I do not have the full 10 points to convert to a Yoli Reward?
  • The remaining unconverted amount will be carried over to the next evaluation period.

    For example, 286 points will convert to 28 Yoli Credits, 6 points will carry over.
  • How often are Subscribe & Save Points converted to Yoli rewards?
  • Every 36 days following completion of the initial evaluation period, any earned Subscribe & Save Points will convert in the same manner as described above.
  • What about currencies that are not USD (such as CAD or PHP)?
  • Points will be calculated in USD and then converted to your country’s currency before being displayed in your back-office available balance.
  • Do Yoli Rewards expire?
  • Yoli Rewards will expire after one year if not used.
  • What can Yoli Rewards be used to purchase?
  • Yoli Rewards can use up to the available balance to pay for product purchases.

    *Please note that Yoli Rewards cannot be applied to taxes, shipping, event tickets, products with no CV, or Subscribe and Save orders.
  • Can I use any of my Yoli Rewards to pay for taxes, shipping and/or any other fees?
  • Your Yoli Rewards are redeemable only on your product subtotal before taxes. Yoli Rewards cannot be applied to shipping or any other fees.
  • Do I have to use all my Yoli Rewards in one purchase?
  • You are not required to use all rewards in a single order. You may split the rewards over many orders.
  • Which Yoli Rewards will be used first for my purchase?
  • Yoli Rewards are used on a first-in-first-out basis, so the oldest awarded credit is used first.
  • How do I use my Yoli Rewards to pay for a purchase?
  • The usage of Yoli Rewards as a payment method will be shown on the sales order invoice.