A Guide to the BBS Meal Plan

At Yoli, we know that changing the way you eat can completely transform your life. That’s why we created the Transformation Kit and a customizable meal plan to help you work toward optimal health. Whether you’re brand-new to Yoli or just need a quick refresher, here is your guide to the BBS meal plan!

Protein Days and Meal Days

Let’s start with the basics! The BBS meal plan is divided into categories based on your goal weight, so you can choose the perfect plan for you. And no matter which plan you choose, your 28-Day Transformation meal plan will consist of two types of days: Protein Days and Meal Days.

This may seem obvious, but on Protein Days, you’ll eat a lot of protein! Your brochure will help guide you to the times of the day that you’ll eat the number of portions of protein that corresponds with your goal weight. Meal Days are structured a lot like Protein Days, with one major exception: the addition of fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

Your 28-Day Transformation brochure offers extensive food lists to help you enjoy a variety of options for protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, so take advantage of it!

Free Meal Days

In addition to your Protein and Meal Days, you’ll also enjoy a Free Meal Day once a week on weeks 3 and 4. For one meal, you can eat whatever you’d like! We recommend not going overboard, but what you eat is entirely up to you.

The great thing about your free meals is that they give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite foods as you transform your life. You’re not “cheating” or breaking the rules because it’s built right into the system. When you’re on the Better Body System, you don’t have to sacrifice everything you love to reach your goals!

Yoli Products

Your Transformation Kit will come with YES, Alkalete, Passion or Thermo Burn, Resolve, and Pure. YES is a high-quality protein shake, Alkalete is our proprietary alkaline blend that supports a healthy body pH, Passion and Thermo Burn will help give you the energy you need to transform your life, Resolve will help you feel full as you change the way you eat, and Pure is a probiotic supplement that supports a healthy digestive system.

These products will help support your new lifestyle and supplement the nutrients you get from your diet so you can look and feel your best. They’re built into the meal plan to help you get the most out of them. You’ll love the way they work together to help you transform your life!

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