Questions Regarding The Better Body System

Are Yoli products safe?

Yoli products are made with natural ingredients that encourage rapid weight loss without harming your body with toxins or artificial ingredients. Most importantly, the Better Body System seeks to optimize health, leading to safe, natural weight loss that won’t harm your body in the process.

What kind of results can I expect when starting the Better Body System?

Every person’s body is unique, but most people begin seeing results right away—many losing 7-15 pounds in the first week alone. In addition to weight loss, the BBS will optimize your health, boost your energy levels, and rejuvenate your body.

I exercise and eat healthy foods. Do I really need the Better Body System?

Yoli is not just a diet and exercise plan, but seeks to improve your health and overall wellness by balancing your pH levels and ensuring that you receive essential vitamins and minerals. If you are looking to optimize your health without losing weight while on the BBS, simply increase your daily protein snacks from 2-4 ounces to 10-15 ounces.

What is included in the 30 Day Transformation Kit?

The Transformation Kit includes Alkalete™, YES™, Passion™, and Pure™. Alkalete seeks to neutralize body pH levels, YES is a protein shake designed to help you lose fat and gain muscle, Passion is an energy-boosting drink to improve metabolism and supply natural energy, and Pure is a probiotic designed to support healthy digestion. Check the Yoli Better Body System Guide for more information about our products.

I’ve finished the 30 Day Transformation Kit—what do I do now?

If you haven’t quite reached your weight loss goals, then we recommend that you use the 30 Transformation Kit again until you have reached your goals. If you have reached them, congratulations! We now recommend that you get started with one of our Lifetime Kits to maintain your newly improved health.

It’s my second week on the BBS, and my weight has hit a plateau.

This is totally normal. During the first week on the system, your body sheds excess weight and toxins, which result in quick, substantial weight loss. During the second week, your body is replacing the fat with lean muscle. You’re likely losing inches even though your weight isn’t dropping, so during this time, we encourage tracking your measurements rather than your weight as a sign of progress.

I’ve been on the Better Body System for two weeks—why haven’t I lost any weight?

There are a few reasons that you may not have lost weight. We recommend that in addition to tracking your weight, you track measurements of your body—arms, waist, hips, and thighs—as many people lose inches without losing weight as their fat is replaced with lean muscle. Another reason could be hidden sugars in your protein snacks. Additionally, you may be not getting enough sleep, which can lead to your body holding on to excess fat. If you believe that you are following the system exactly and are still struggling with weight loss or losing inches, you may want to check with your physician to see if there is an underlying cause to your struggle to lose weight.

Can I do the Better Body System if I’m a vegetarian?

Absolutely! All you need to do is replace animal-based protein with plant-based protein such as lentils or legumes. For example, avocados, hard-boiled eggs, tofu, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and Morning Star Grillers patties are all excellent vegetarian-friendly sources of protein. Check our Yoli Better Body System Guide for more protein suggestions.

Is the Better Body System safe for people with diabetes?

The BBS seeks to lower blood sugar and increase sensitivity to insulin, so it can actually be very beneficial to people with diabetes. Make sure you monitor your blood sugar to make sure it does not fall too low, and check with your physician before you begin the BBS so they can offer you any other medical advice.

Can I exercise while on the Better Body System?

Absolutely. Yoli’s products are designed to help you reach your peak performance, experience increased endurance, and decrease your recovery time. While using the Transformation Kit, you may experience some fatigue during the first few days as your body gets used to the system, so you may want to decrease your activity level until your body adjusts.

Do I have to exercise while on the Better Body System?

Exercise is not necessary in order to shed weight while on the Better Body System. Many users lose their desired amount of weight simply by making the adjustments to their diets and nutritional intake. But with the increased levels of energy and overall wellbeing that come with the BBS, many people find themselves wanting to increase their exercise levels for the first time in years.

Do I have to give up all of my favorite foods?

The great thing about the BBS is that it encourages smart choices rather than restricting everything you love. The key to successful, long-term weight loss is moderation, which is why after the first two weeks on the system, you should take a free meal day on day 7 of each week. The free meal day helps you stay on track by allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods and encourages an active metabolism by causing it to adapt to different types of food.

What if I have a few days where I fall off of the program?

The most important thing is not to beat yourself up about it. Making a lifestyle change is incredibly difficult, and we don’t want you to hate yourself if you don’t follow the program perfectly every single day. Just return to the system and begin working toward your goals again—setbacks are only a problem if you allow them to derail you entirely.


Questions Regarding Membership

Is the Yoli Compensation Plan a scam?

Yoli is not a scam, a pyramid scheme, or a get-rich-quick scheme. The Yoli compensation plan is designed to help Members transform their lives financially. Your ability to make extra income is directly tied to the work that you put into sharing the Better Body System—if you work hard and help a lot of people, you will be rewarded. There is no scam or gimmick beneath the compensation plan because we don’t believe in tricking or taking advantage of people.

What is a Member? Why should I become one?

A Member is someone who participates in our automatic shipment program, has faith in the Yoli products, and wants to share the Better Body System with others. Members are qualified to receive commissions for sharing the BBS, with special bonuses like the Luxury Car Program and Travel Incentives for those who qualify. Becoming a Member will help you transform your life financially.

I just enrolled as a Member. What now?

Within the first twenty-four hours of enrolling as a Member, we recommend that you meet with your Sponsor for Fast Track Training. You will plan your first three Better Body Parties, receive training and advice, and begin your exciting new venture into transforming lives.

How does the compensation plan work?

There are ten ways to make money with the Yoli Compensation plan, from bonuses for sharing products to lucrative incentives for enrolling new Members. Download our  Compensation Plan for more information.

I’ve never done sales before—will I fail as a Yoli Member?

While it may seem frightening to embark on this journey with Yoli, don’t let your lack of experience hold you back. Many of our top Members began exactly where you are now—inexperienced but excited to try something new. You will have a Sponsor who will help train you and give you focus in reaching out to enroll people, so you don’t have to do this alone. Follow the simple steps outlined by Yoli, and even the least experienced Member can find success.