February 2017

7 Useful Tips to Meet New People

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Meeting new people and leaving them with a good first impression isn’t always easy. Whether you’re trying to share Yoli with others or simply make a few new friends, you can use these seven useful tips for meeting new people! Get out of your comfort zone. For most people, walking up to someone and introducing [...]

November 2016

3 Ways Challenges Help Us

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Life comes with its fair share of challenges. While none of us look forward to the tough situations life throws at us, these challenges can provide some surprising benefits. Here are three ways that challenges help us! Challenges help us get stronger. While encountering challenges may initially make you feel weak or vulnerable, the way [...]

August 2016

How to Prepare to Achieve

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Transform 2016—Achieve is just a few days away, and we hope you’re planning to join us! It’s going to be an incredible event, and we can’t wait to spend a few days enjoying in-depth training, networking, and plenty of fun with Yoli Nation. If you’ll be joining us in Salt Lake City, here are some [...]

July 2016

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

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Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an important part of setting goals and working toward them. Let us explain why! Strengths Knowing what your strengths are has a lot of benefits. Understanding what you do well is usually the first step to success, whether you’re working to lose weight, build your business, strengthen your personal [...]

October 2014

Yoli Connection – Fourth Edition

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It's that time again, Yoli Nation. The fourth edition of the Yoli Connection is now available! Look inside for exclusive articles containing tips on how you can more effectively share the Better Body System, why you should be taking the Better Body Enzyme, and an in-depth look at what's in store for those who attend [...]