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Want to Dramatically Increase your chances to shed those extra pounds in 2012?

How would you like to dramatically increase your chances of getting that weight off in 2012?

Great! Fortunately, improving your success rate tenfold is easy and simple for anyone to do by simply encouraging some of your friends or family members to get on the Better Body System with you.

Here are some of the studies that back this up:

  • If you enroll in a weight loss (health & fitness) program with three friends or colleagues you already know, the odds of maintaining your weight loss 10 months later goes up to 66% vs 24% if you enroll in a program alone. - “Well-Being” by Tom Rath
  • Brown University researchers found that people who had a diet buddy dropped significantly more weight after a year of effort compared with those who went it alone.
  • In an interesting study from Indiana University’s Department of Kinesiology, researchers found that spouses who worked out with their partners had a dropout rate of only 6.3 percent compared with spouses who worked out without their partners. The “single” exercising group had an astounding 43 percent drop-out rate.
  • According to a new study published online in the journal Obesity, teammates in a team-based weight loss competition significantly influenced each other’s weight loss, suggesting that shedding pounds can have a ripple effect. Read article.
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Here’s where it gets even more interesting!

According to Consumer Reports, in a Jenny Craig study, 92 percent of 442 overweight and obese women stuck with the program for two years, which Consumer Reports called a “remarkable level of adherence.” They lost an average of about 16 pounds.

But the magazine failed to report that the women in the study didn’t pay a dime to sign up for the Jenny Craig program. Unlike real Jenny Craig customers, they received $6,600 worth of membership fees and food during the two-year study.

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So, what does this tell us? It tells us that getting your product for free can also dramatically increase your chances for sticking to a plan.

Yoli’s First-of-its kind Break Even Bonus

One of the frustrations that the Yoli Founders experienced in previous company compensation plans, was how many people it took just to break even on your monthly autoship. With many plans that number was anywhere from 30-40 team members.

Therefore, in 2009, Yoli was the first company in the history of our industry to introduce what we called the Break Even Bonus (BEB) which allowed people to zero out the cost of their monthly product with an average of just 3 people.

Learn more about the program click here now.

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