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Yoli events include a variety of small events ranging from incentive trips to training seminars to larger events such as our Transform 2014 conference. Each event is an attempt at strengthening Yoli Nation by offering education, motivation, and fun. Whether you’re a leader joining us on a VIP Trip, a new Member looking for information, or an established member searching for motivation, our events are sure to help you take your business to the next level.

Yoli Nation

Landing Page Images-02Yoli Nation Events are hosted by Members of Yoli Nation rather than the Yoli Corporate Team. Learn more!

Yoli Corporate

BBR2015_social media-03Yoli Corporate Events are hosted by the Yoli Corporate Team with the intent to build leaders and inspire Members to transform lives. Learn more!


Transform 2016

Transform 2016 will be held at the beautiful Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 18th-21st, and it’s going to be our biggest, most exciting event ever! The theme for Transform 2016 is Achieve, and we’re pulling out all the stops to make sure this...

Transform U

Transform U is a live regional event filled with in-depth training and networking. We hope to see you there! Training At Transform U, you’ll receive in-depth training from the Founders and top Yoli Members. This event will go beyond what you learned at your Fast Track Training...

Black Diamond Trip

Reaching the elite rank of Black Diamond is an incredible accomplishment. Advancing to this pinnacle of success is the result of unrivaled hard work, leadership, and passion for transforming lives, and we believe that level of dedication deserves to be rewarded! That’s why we...

Blue Diamond VIP Trip: 2016

Being a Yoli Blue Diamond is the result of unrivaled hard work and dedication to transforming lives. We believe that level of elite leadership deserves a rewarding lifestyle, so every year, we take the Blue Diamonds on an exclusive international adventure! In 2016, our Blue...