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Why It’s Fine to Take Care of Yourself First

Putting other people’s needs ahead of your own seems like a noble ambition. You want to help others, and you’re willing to push your own needs to the side in order to do so. But while having a desire to help others is a good thing, it should never come at the expense of your own...

Learn to Love Yourself

When you make a list of people you love, you probably start with your family and then work your way to your friends. But where do you fall on the list? Near the top? At the bottom? Left off the list entirely? Loving yourself is a great way to take care of your emotional health,...

Take Back Your Life

Take a quick moment to look at your life. Are you happy with the way things are going, or do you wish your life was different? Are you reaching for your goals, or are you settling for less because it seems easier? Most importantly, are you living for yourself and your loved ones,...