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Transform U

Transform U is a live regional event filled with in-depth training and networking. We hope to see you there!

At Transform U, you’ll receive in-depth training from the Founders and top Yoli Members. This event will go beyond what you learned at your Fast Track Training and will show you exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level. This is your chance to learn from the best in the industry and motivate your entire team to succeed!

Events are the best way to get to know other Members of Yoli Nation. At Transform U, you’ll have the chance to meet some of our top leaders and the other Members in your area. The relationships you build at live events can have a great impact on your business, so we encourage you to attend!

If you’ve been to any of our live Yoli events, you know that Yoli Nation offers a powerful sense of community. At Transform U, you’ll spend time with passionate, driven people who will inspire you to reach for your goals. You’ll make new friends and become part of a support system that will be there to help you meet your goals.

Transform U Toronto

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  • October 22 
  • Toronto Congress Centre
    650 Dixon Rd
    Toronto, ON M9W 1J1, Canada

  • Coming Soon
  • Coming Soon

  • Early Bird Price

    August 20 – September 22

    Single Registration: $65 USD ($85 CAD)

    Double Registration: $115 USD (150 CAD)

    Regular Price

    September 23 – October 13

    Single Registration: $80 ($95 CAD)

    Double Registration: $130 ($170 CAD)

  • You can register for Transform U in your Team Office and even use your Pay Hub funds to pay for your tickets! Under the Quick View tab in your Team Office, just click on place an order and add Transform U to your order. Tickets are non-refundable, and will be non-transferable. Each attendee must have a ticket. Names provided after the deadline will not receive a printed name badge. Transform U is an 18 and above event. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted into any part of the event. 

  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Children under 18 years of age will not be admitted. Each attendee must have a ticket. Please visit yoli.com/events for complete details. A valid passport is required for international travel. Early bird pricing available through September 22, 2016.
    More Details Coming Soon
About the Author
Yoli began back in 2009 with one goal in mind: to transform lives. Through lifestyle improvement systems, natural health products, strong community relationships, and financial programs Yoli is able to transform lives physically, emotionally, and financially. Yoli means "to live" in the Aztec language and that's what we want everyone to be able to do.
  • Nichole Wilson

    Where would someone go to register if they are not a current member or PC?

    • yolimarketing

      If you contact our cs department they should be able to help you with that. You can either call 888-295-9009 or email cs@yoli.com.

  • Kaleo

    Do we know what the times are yet?

    • yolimarketing

      We’re still trying to get the schedule finalized. We will post it as soon as it’s available.

  • Heidi Lawson Sheldon

    Are there hotel rooms reserved for this event?

    • yolimarketing

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any hotel rooms reserved at this time.

  • Maria

    How does one determine what Focus group they should be in?

    • yolimarketing

      You will be assigned once you are at the event. Hope to see you there! :)