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Yoli Corporate Events are hosted by the Yoli Corporate Team with the intent to build leaders and inspire Members to transform lives. These events offer world-class training, networking opportunities, and most importantly, provide motivation to those who attend.

These events are announced and carefully planned in advance and are invaluable to every Member that attends. Leaders are born at events, so Yoli encourages all of our Members to attend as many of our events as possible.

Transform U


Transform U is a regional event hosted by Yoli Corporate. Held several times each year, Transform U visits different parts of the country to train, inspire, and motivate the Yoli Members who live in each region. These events are a great way to stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout the entire year.

Transform U can be an invaluable resource for our Members. Each event offers in-depth training from the Yoli Founders and top Yoli Members. Members also have the opportunity to meet and network with fellow Members in their region to build a stronger support system. Whether you are a brand-new Member of Yoli or have been with us for years, there is always something valuable to be learned at Transform U.

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