3 Tips to Help With Your Transformation

There’s nothing more exciting than transforming your life physically, and while it can be challenging, there are some things you can do to make it easier. These three tips can help you with your transformation!

Don’t go hungry

Transforming your life is a lot more difficult when your stomach is constantly growling! If you find yourself getting hungry on a regular basis while you’re using the Transformation Kit, you may want to eat more low-carb vegetables such as celery, cucumbers, peppers, and spinach to help satisfy your appetite. Healthy fats such as avocado and natural nut butters can also help you feel full longer. Make sure you enjoy them in moderation, though—we recommend limiting healthy fats to one to two servings each day.


While your diet will have the greatest impact on your transformation, exercise can help you get the results you want. In addition to burning calories, exercise helps build lean muscle mass, aids in weight management, strengthens your bones and muscles, and improves your ability to do the things you love.

If you’re not currently exercising, you may want to consider adding some physical activity to your weekly schedule. If it’s been a while since you last worked out, we recommend starting slowly and working your way up to 90-180 minutes of physical activity each week.

Lean on others for support

Your support system can have a big impact on your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle because it’s much easier to stay on track when the people around you support you in your efforts. Surround yourself with people who want to see you transform your life, and lean on them when you need a little extra encouragement!


These three tips will help you transform your life physically. For more ways to make your transformation a success, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!

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