3 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress can have a serious impact not just on your emotional health, but your physical health as well. While you may not be able to avoid stress entirely, you can choose beneficial ways to handle it. Here are three healthy ways to reduce stress!

1. Exercise.

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Provided you do it in a healthy manner, exercise can improve your mood not just during exercise, but after you’ve completed your workout. It releases endorphins, which triggers positive feelings. And because you’ll be focusing on your workout, it will distract you from your stress and allow you to clear your head. At Yoli, we recommend creating a habit of working out for thirty to forty-five minutes three to five times a week. If you haven’t exercised in a while, be sure to start slow and work your way up!

2. Talk Things Out.

A lot of people internalize their problems and try to sort them out on their own. But while it may seem scary to put yourself out there and admit that you’re struggling, talking to your support system is great for your emotional health. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends and family and talk through the things that are stressing you out. They may be able to help you find solutions that you hadn’t thought of. And even if they can’t offer a concrete solution, just knowing you have their support can make a big difference!

3. Head Outside.

Spending some time in the sunshine and fresh air is a great way to relax and relieve some stress. It will take you out of your usual environment and give you a chance to step back from stressors so you can come back with a fresh perspective. It can even help reduce mental fatigue. Whether it’s a long hike, a short walk around the neighborhood, or a few minutes reading under a tree, spending some time outside can help you handle stress in a healthy way!

Using these three tips will help you reduce stress in a healthy way, so we encourage you to take advantage of them. For more tips for a happy, healthy life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!