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Yoli began back in 2009 with one goal in mind: to transform lives. Through lifestyle improvement systems, natural health products, strong community relationships, and financial programs Yoli is able to transform lives physically, emotionally, and financially. Yoli means "to live" in the Aztec language and that's what we want everyone to be able to do.
5 12, 2019

Healthy Recipes from Yoli Countries Part Two

By |2019-12-05T15:07:56-07:00December 5th, 2019|blog, Recipes, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

Healthy Recipes from Yoli Countries Part Two On Tuesday, we shared recipes from the Philippines and Mexico that are great additions to your healthy lifestyle. Today we’ll be sharing two more from Canada and the United States! Lettuce Lobster Roll from Canada This [...]

21 11, 2019

Tips for Bettering Your Environment

By |2019-11-21T10:24:15-07:00November 21st, 2019|blog, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

TIPS FOR BETTERING YOUR ENVIRONMENT Life can be stressful. Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to fully control that stress! But, we can change our environments to make it easier to prevent that stress and relax. Today we’ll be discussing how you can better [...]

14 11, 2019

Healthy Renditions of Your Favorite Foods

By |2019-11-14T15:30:21-07:00November 14th, 2019|blog, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

HEALTHY RENDITIONS OF YOUR FAVORITE FOODS When transforming your life, you may find yourself missing some of your favorite foods. While it’s okay to indulge every once in a while, finding healthier ways to make those recipes means you don’t have to give [...]

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