Corporate Transformation Wrap Up

Over four weeks ago, our corporate staff started their journey to transform their lives. Their 28 days on the Transformation Kit have now ended and they want to share their results with you!


After completing the challenge I feel like I have this sort of connection to our members now. It’s not an easy challenge, which is why it’s a challenge! It’s SO helpful having a support system going into it. Without one it makes it really hard, having my coworkers as my support system really helped me stay accountable. I wasn’t perfect, and I applaud those that can do it perfectly. I lost a few pounds and an inch. It wasn’t my goal to lose any weight, but I feel transformed!


I am so glad I did the T-Kit! I was worried starting off that I would be starving the whole time but there was honestly so much food that I was never hungry. I saw a great transformation, was able to lose weight, loved how my clothes fit better and I had more energy. It was also a huge boost in my self-confidence! It was hard going out with friends and trying to stick to the meal plan, but I was grateful for the opportunity to really think about what I am eating to fuel my body and to start making healthier choices. I learned a lot about how the foods that I eat can change my body and my energy levels and can’t wait to apply everything I’ve learned in my day-to-day life.


I wasn’t perfect in doing this, but it definitely helped me be more aware of my diet and what I want to do to change it! I was also able to discover more favorites when it comes to Yoli products. I really love the chocolate YES and now drink the raspberry Fun daily! I definitely want to incorporate more of this specific meal plan into my current routine.


During the 28 day Transformation, I realized how IMPERATIVE it is for me to stay focused on my goal.  If I don’t have a vision and a plan and a focus, I’m doomed for failure.  I realized how important it was for me to be mindful of my eating habits and to be conscious of every little thing I put in my mouth.  It’s crazy how much mindless eating I do!!


I definitely struggled breaking the habits of simply eating what I want to eat whenever I wanted to eat it, but I did learn a lot about portion sizes and meal planning.  I actually found myself enjoying the boundaries that the meal plan sets, as it added some structure to my week.  I ended up losing one pound and one percent body fat by the end of it.  I probably could have done better, had my goal been primarily weight loss, but I like to get out cycling and climbing and had to add some extra calories to my diet to keep myself fueled up for long rides.  Having the vegan YES was great, because it was such an easy source of protein and satiated my sweet tooth too!


In order to have consistent results, you need to be consistent in the process. I have noticed that I have had more energy! I’m not crashing in the afternoons like I was before, thanks to the Peach Mango Passion. I love the convenience of having a shake in the morning for breakfast. It’s easy to grab and go on the way out the door. Shout out to the new Spiced Chai YES, if you haven’t tried it yet DO IT!!


This is my second time doing the BBS, and I feel that every time I am on the program I understand the nutrition my body needs a bit better than the last time. I experienced a big increase in energy this time! I want to keep my same eating habits and work out routine consistent so I wont lose that energy that I have enjoyed. I loved the constant high-protein snacks like yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and cashews throughout the day. This clean eating made it easier to drink a shake at night and go to bed feeling satisfied and not hungry.

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