Here at Yoli, we are dedicated to transforming not only the lives of our members, but our corporate team, too! Last week a group of our staff started on the journey to transform their lives by doing the Better Body System. We will be introducing them and following their journey as they take on this awesome challenge!

Sharee has been working with Yoli for almost two years! She already lives a healthy lifestyle, but is excited to try the Transformation Kit. Her goal is to cut sugar and change her cravings.  Something she learned as a cancer survivor, is that creating healthy habits is hard! She is going to do her best to take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. She will be doing a service project in Ghana for part of the 28-days, so she is a little worried about staying on track, but we know that she is going to do great!

Beckie is one of our newest employees and is excited to transform her life! She hasn’t tried many of the products prior to the Transformation Kit, but is excited to see how they work for her. Something she struggles with is meal planning, but she has already started her transformation with strong goals and a good plan. She will be celebrating her anniversary on a cruise halfway through, but has a goal to make good, healthy choices. You’ve got this, Beckie!

Jen has been working with Yoli for five years and is now on her second Transformation Kit! She first did it a few years ago, and was pleased with her results. She trains in a boxing gym and is hoping to get her eating back on track so that she can train more effectively! She currently takes the Omegas as well as the Passion and is looking forward to incorporating more of the products every day. Something she struggled with the first time, was not eating a variety of food. She is better prepared this time around, and we know she will do fantastic!

Megan has worked with Yoli for two months and is looking forward to participating in this challenge! She wants to be able to better understand Yoli’s members so that she can better connect to their story and journey. She is also looking forward to feeling better mentally and physically. She is worried about staying motivated, but wants to incorporate some of the company’s values by adapting to a new life and holding herself accountable for her own transformation. We know that Megan will be able to succeed!

Mitch has worked with Yoli for six months and was ecstatic when the Vegan YES was announced! His diet is plant-based, so finding readily available protein is a challenge for him at times. Throughout these 28 days, Mitch wants to become more familiar with our products, as well as support his active lifestyle with a new meal plan. He is worried that it will be hard for him to fulfill his portions of protein, but we know he’s going to do great! Good luck, Mitch!

Madi has been working at Yoli for two years and will be doing the full Transformation Kit for the second time! The first time she did it, she not only lost inches, but also felt better. Her goal is to work on eating healthier, without being too hard on herself for making mistakes. She is worried about not having enough variety or making the time to meal prep, but she has tons of resources at her disposal! You’ve got this, Madi!

Emily has been working with Yoli for six months and is excited to be on the Transformation Kit again! She first took it a month after starting with Yoli and was able to lose 8 pounds and two inches off of her stomach within those 28-days! Her plan this time is to target specific body parts and combine the BBS with going to the gym regularly. One thing that she loves about the Transformation Kit is how simple it is! She has a hard time finding vegetarian-friendly options, but we know she is going to be as successful as she was the first time around!

Jennifer has been with Yoli for a year and will be trying the Transformation Kit for the first time! Her goal is to cut out soda from her diet the entire 28- days, as well as reset her current eating habits. She also wants to find ways to hang out with friends while still making healthy food choices. She loves to snack and is a bit worried about staying full and sticking to the meal plan, but we know she is going to do a fantastic job!

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