Eating Enough for Optimal Health

One of the great things about the Better Body System meal plan is the wide variety of foods that you can enjoy. That’s because at Yoli, we know that as you transform your life, food isn’t your enemy—it’s your ally! Getting enough to eat is a key part of taking your physical health to the next level. Here’s why you should make sure you’re eating enough for optimal health!


At its most basic level, food is fuel. If you aren’t eating enough, your energy levels will drop and it will be more difficult to do the things you love. Your concentration and your decision-making skills will also suffer. On the other hand, eating enough will help you ensure that you’re giving your body the energy it needs to function at its best!


Your body needs a wide variety of nutrients, and if you aren’t getting enough to eat, you’re also depriving yourself of the nutrients you need for optimal health. Eating a variety of healthy foods including lean protein, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables will provide your body with a wide range of nutrients.

Healthy Weight Loss

If you’re working to lose weight, you may find yourself considering eating less than what is recommend in your BBS brochure in an attempt to speed up your weight loss. But if you aren’t eating enough, you won’t just burn fat—you’ll lose lean muscle mass. Your lean muscle tissue helps you maintain your metabolism and burns more calories overall than fat does, so you definitely don’t want to lose it.

Remember, you’re not just working to lose weight—you’re working to improve your health. That means giving your body the nutrients it needs and eating enough so you feel good throughout the day!

Emotional Health

Finally, your emotional health is impacted when you don’t get enough to eat. You’ve probably heard people joke about being “hangry,” but it’s a real thing!  Mood swings and irritability are common in people who aren’t eating enough, as are increased stress levels. Getting enough to eat will help you avoid the emotional swings caused by hunger so you can take care of yourself emotionally!

Getting enough to eat is a key part of optimal health, so make it a priority. For more tips for your transformation, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!

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