A busy schedule can make healthy eating seem difficult, but there are a lot of ways that you can make it easier. Here are three tips to help you eat healthy with a busy schedule!

  1. Embrace meal prep.

Meal prep can be a lifesaver when you have a busy schedule. Any preparation that you can do ahead of time will make it much easier to eat well throughout the week. If you have an hour or two over the weekend, use that time to get some meal prep done! It can be as simple as cutting up some vegetables or as complicated as preparing a whole meal. If it helps you stay on-track throughout the week, it’s a victory!

We’re big fans of meal prep here at Yoli, so here are some links to help you get started:

  1. Think simple.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated! Embracing simple recipes that won’t take up big chunks of your time will make it much easier to eat well even when you’re busy. We have a few ideas here and here!

Another way to make things simple? Use a slow-cooker! There are a lot of great recipes—such as this one for slow-cooker white chicken chili—that require just a few minutes of work to prepare your ingredients. Then all you have to do is put the ingredients in the slow-cooker, leave it to cook, and then return for a healthy, delicious meal!

  1. Keep healthy snacks on hand.

When your schedule is packed, you’re probably going to have times when sitting down for a full meal isn’t an option. Rather than relying on the vending machine or your local fast-food restaurant, keep healthy snacks on hand so you’re prepared! Greek yogurt is a great option, and fruits and veggies are easy to bring with you to work or when you’re on the go. Even something as simple as string cheese and high-quality beef jerky can make a good snack. Of course, you can also keep some packets or a canister of YES handy for a quick, healthy protein snack!


We hope these tips will help you embrace healthy eating no matter how busy you are. For more tips for making healthy choices work with your lifestyle, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!