Welcome to the official Yoli Canada blog!

In the weeks to come, this blog will serve as a guide to help you succeed with Yoli, whether you’re working toward a physical, emotional, or financial transformation. We’ll post articles about our products, healthy eating tips, and information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle with the Yoli Better Body System.

Today, we’ll take you through the Better Body System and explain how it works.

The Better Body System is a combination of our high-quality products and a healthy eating plan designed to help you on your way to optimal health. For most people, the Yoli experience begins with a Transformation Pack.

The Transformation Pack is a 30-day pack designed to kick off your journey toward optimal health. The Transformation Pack includes:

  • YES: The Yoli Essential Shake. Available in chocolate or vanilla, this delicious whey protein shake is the perfect meal replacement or healthy snack.
  • Alkalete: an integral part of the Better Body System. This alkaline blend aids in the development and maintenance of bones and plays a role in the maintenance of good health.
  • Passion or Thermo Burn: Yoli’s energy supplementation formulas. Passion is a drink, available in Berry or Tropical Melon flavors, and Thermo Burn comes in capsule form.
  • Pure: Yoli’s powerful probiotic blend. Pure features Alkasure™, an alkaline blend of fiber, enzymes, and nutrients, to aid in digestion and promote good health.

Along with these products, you’ll receive the Better Body System Brochure, which will take you through the BBS and help you stay on track. You’ll find a guide to the Yoli products, an outline of what you’ll eat each day, a place to track your weight and measurements, and a section that will focus on why you want to transform your life. It’s important to fill out your brochure, as it will help you stay focused on your goals.

In the next few blog posts, we’ll focus on the individual products and how they help you maintain your good health. Subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss any of our blog posts!