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Refer 3 Get It Free

The only thing better than losing weight and feeling great, is getting your product free every month. Refer just 3 people and that can be you. Yoli has made it extremely simple for anyone, including customers, to earn free product month after month.

Just as exciting, research shows that if you enroll in a weight-loss (health & fitness) program with three friends or colleagues you already know, the odds of maintaining your weight loss 10 months later goes up to 66% versus 24% if you enroll in a program alone.*

“After losing 10 lbs in my first week, and 30 lbs in my first month, people couldn’t help but notice the difference. Without even trying, I had my Better Body System paid for by month 2, and I don’t ever plan on paying for it again!” – Kina’u Tollefsen

* Well Being: The Five Essential Elements by Tom Rath & Jim Harter

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