There’s no better feeling than knowing you picked out the perfect presents for the people you love the most. Here are some great gift ideas to help you make this a wonderful holiday season!

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Give the Gift of Good Health!

The best gift this holiday season is the gift of good health. Whether you’re introducing someone to Yoli for the first time or they’re longtime fans of the BBS, a Holiday Pack will make a perfect present!

With a wide variety of Yoli products to choose from, a Holiday Pack can show your loved ones that you care about them and their health. We have packs that include YES, Passion, Alkalete™, Defend, Pure, and Enzyme, so there’s something for everyone.  They’re the perfect way to introduce people to Yoli and give them gifts that they’re sure to love, so order yours in your Team Office today!

Apparel and Accessories

If your loved ones already have enough of their favorite Yoli products, you’re in luck! Our health supplements aren’t the only great gifts you’ll find in the holiday catalog. We’ve also got apparel and accessories! You can purchase Yoli-branded scarves, blankets, hats, water bottles, jackets, and more. Check out the holiday catalog here to see all of our holiday apparel and accessories!

Other Optimal Health-Related Gifts

Anything that helps your loved ones work toward optimal health is a great gift in our eyes. If you want something to go along with your gifts of Holiday Packs and Yoli apparel and accessories, here are a few ideas!

Since healthy eating is a big part of the BBS, things that will help make maintaining a healthy diet easier make great presents. Something as simple as a cookbook full of healthy recipes can go a long way in helping someone succeed on the Better Body System! Things that will help with meal prep, such as cooking utensils, pots and pans, blenders, or food containers, also make good gifts.

If there’s a fitness-lover or two in your life, why not give them a gift that will help them reach their goals? For example, a fitness tracker would make a great gift! If their workout routine requires certain equipment and you know what they use, that would make a great gift, too. You could also give them some Fun to supplement their workouts!


We hope these gift ideas will make this your best holiday season ever. For all of our Holiday Packs, apparel, and accessories, look through our holiday catalog here. Subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page for more tips for a happy, healthy holiday season!