Life on the Transformation Kit

Get Slim for Summer is all about transformation, and for most people, that begins with the Transformation Kit. That’s why we’re giving $25 Yoli Cash back on Transformation Kits throughout April!

Whether you’re considering using the Transformation Kit for the first time or just need a quick refresher on how it all works, we have you covered. Here is what life is like on the Transformation Kit!

The Products

Your Transformation Kit comes with a variety of products to help you transform your health. While each Yoli product is great on its own, they’re most powerful when they work together.

Your kit will contain:

  • Alkalete: Alkalete is one of our most popular products. It’s an alkaline formula promotes a healthy body pH and uses mineral compounds to help reduce excess dietary acidic load. You’ll take two Alkalete capsules when you wake up, and another two before you go to bed. This will help you maintain a healthy body pH throughout the day!
  • YES: Protein is a key part of any healthy lifestyle, and the Yoli Essential Shake is the perfect way to get it! YES is a delicious shake that contains twelve grams of high-quality whey protein. While you’re on the Transformation Kit, you’ll drink YES in the morning and in the evening to satisfy your appetite and maintain your lean muscle mass.
  • Passion or Thermo Burn: To help you with the energy you need for your physical transformation, your kit will come with either Passion or Thermo Burn. Passion is our delicious energy drink, and Thermo Burn is a convenient energy supplement in capsule form. You’ll drink Passion or take two Thermo Burn in the morning and again in the afternoon. Not a fan of caffeine? You can order your Transformation Kit with our citrus health drink, Truth, or our sports hydration drink, Fun!
  • Pure: To promote a healthy balance of bacteria in your digestive system, you’ll take two Pure capsules every night. Pure is a daily probiotic supplement that promotes healthy digestion and helps support your immune system.
  • Resolve: Resolve is the perfect way to strengthen your willpower to transform your life and manage your weight. On Meal Days, you’ll take two Resolve before lunch to help promote a feeling of fullness.
The Meal Plan

The way you eat makes a big difference in your health. When you’re on the Transformation Kit, you’ll follow a customizable meal plan based on your individual health goals. The meal plan is built around healthy, nutrient-dense foods focusing on protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

Of course, food is also meant to be enjoyed, and any meal plan that requires you to give up your favorite foods forever is going to be difficult to sustain long-term. After you’ve been on the Transformation Kit for two weeks, you’ll enjoy Free Meals once a week that will give you the ability to eat whatever you want. That means you can transform your life without giving up all of your favorite treats!

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