All of our products are designed to help you reach your health goals, from maintaining a healthy weight to simply feeling better overall, and Enzyme is a great example of that. Here’s how Enzyme can help you work toward optimal health!


Why do you need enzymes?

Let’s start by looking at what enzymes are and why you need them. Enzymes are catalysts, which means they help speed up chemical reactions in your body. The enzymes we’re focusing on in this blog post are digestive enzymes, which are the ones that help your digestive system run efficiently.

Digestive enzymes are an important part of your health. They break your food down into smaller, more absorbable compounds so your body can take full advantage of the nutrients. Without proper enzyme levels, your body is unable to properly process the foods you eat, no matter how healthy they might be. You can get enzymes from some healthy foods, but chances are, you’re not getting enough of them!

Yoli’s Enzyme

To make sure you have the enzymes you need for digestive efficiency, use Yoli’s Enzyme! It includes a full-spectrum blend of digestive enzymes to help maximize your nutrient absorption and keep your digestive system as efficient as possible.

Enzyme features two proprietary blends: Protizorb and Ultizorb. Protizorb helps your body break down protein, which is especially beneficial for anyone eating the quantity of protein required by the Yoli Better Body System. Ultizorb helps your body break down carbohydrates, sugars, and fat. Together, these two blends are the perfect way to give your body the enzymes it needs for digestive efficiency and nutrient absorption!

Let’s finish by talking about when you should take Enzyme. Enzyme is designed to be taken at mealtime in order to help promote nutrient absorption and digestive efficiency. We recommend taking one capsule twice daily at mealtime!


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