Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to Get Slim for Summer! Throughout April and May, we have some incredible things planned to help you make this your best summer ever. Check out the details below and get ready to transform your life physically and financially with us now so you’re feeling great when summer rolls around!

10% OFF
Transformation Kits!

May 16 – 31

It’s the final two weeks of Get Slim for Summer, and we’re finishing things off with one of our most exciting offers ever: 10% off Transformation Kits!

Now is the perfect opportunity to transform your life physically so you’re feeling great when summer rolls around. This incredible offer ends on May 31, so take advantage of it while it’s here and order your Transformation Kit today!

Terms and Conditions

• This offer is available May 16 – May 31, 2019.
• This offer is valid for individual Transformation Kits only. Party Packs and Diamond Elite Packs do not apply.
• This offer is available for Members, Preferred Customers, and Retail Customers in the Philippines and Mexico only.

Silver Bonus

May 16 – 31

Reaching the rank of Silver is an important Yoli milestone, and as a special Get Slim for Summer promotion, we’re doubling the Silver Bonus from May 16 – 31. Anyone who achieves the rank of Silver for the first time from May 16 – 31 will earn $200!

If you’re working to hit the rank of Silver, work hard to take advantage of this special promotion. If you’ve already reached the rank of Silver, use this opportunity to help your team Members do the same!

As a special GSS promotion, if someone you personally enrolled hits the rank of Silver for the first time from May 16 – 31, you’ll receive $100!

Terms and Conditions

• This promotion runs May 16 – 31, 2019.

2 Extra Chances to Win a

transform your life financially

If you’re working to transform your life financially, we have great news for you! FIVE Drive to Transform point-earners in May will get a place in the final showdown at Transform 2019: Ignite. One hard-working Yoli Member is going to win a new Mercedes-Benz CLA, so work hard to snag one of those five spots in the final showdown!

Click below for all the ways you can earn points!

Drive To Transform