Do you love summertime? Now is the perfect time to show it! Here’s how you can get out there and show your passion for summer!


Enjoy the Outdoors

It may be hot outside, but that’s no reason to spend all your time indoors! There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy this summer. Here are a few things you could try!

  • Go on a hike. If you’re worried about it being too hot, go in the morning when it’s cooler. Don’t forget to bring water!
  • Hit up the local swimming pool.
  • Spend some time in the garden.
  • Go on a fishing trip.
  • Toss a Frisbee or a baseball around with your kids.

If you need a little extra energy to fuel your outdoor activities, try drinking some Passion. It’s delicious, sweetened with stevia rather than sugar, and will give you the energy you need to feel great!

Share Yoli

Of course, you don’t just have to share your passion for summer. You can share your passion for Yoli! There are a lot of great ways to share Yoli this summer, so here are a few suggestions to help you!

  • If it’s a nice day, hold an outdoor Better Body Party. Remember to have plenty of ice-cold Yoli drinks on hand!
  • Share product with the people in your life. For example, if you’re going to be working out, bring some Fun and share it with your workout buddies. If you have an early meeting, offer some Passion to your colleagues. And if you’re going out of town, bring some extra packets of your favorite Yoli products in case you meet someone who is interested in the Better Body System!
  • Have a summer Customer Appreciation Party. Invite all of your Preferred Customers to show them how much you appreciate having them in your organization.
  • Host a BBS-friendly barbecue for your friends, family, and neighbors. Here are some great recipes you can try!


We hope you’ll enjoy sharing your passion for summer. For more tips for a happy, healthy life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!