At Ignite, we made a lot of product announcements. And while the new products are super exciting—pH2O, anyone?—we also introduced a brand-new ordering option: the Share Pack!

The Transformation Kit

The Share Pack contains two Transformation Kits. If you’re not familiar with the Transformation Kit, let us give you a quick intro! The Transformation Kit is the perfect way to take control of your health and work toward optimal health. It uses a combination of high-quality products and a customizable meal plan to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, promote a healthy body pH, enhance your digestive health, and boost your metabolism.

Many people start using the Transformation Kit to lose weight. And it’s a great tool for that! First-time Better Body System users report an average weight loss of sixteen pounds. Best of all, you get to feel great while you’re doing it! You’ll eat real, delicious, nutrient-dense food, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll feel more confident because you’ll know that you’re giving your body what it needs to thrive.

Each Transformation Kit includes. Alkalete, Pure, YES, Passion or Thermo Burn, Resolve, and a customizable meal plan. Click here to learn more!

The Share Pack

Each Share Pack contains two Transformation Kits so you can use one for yourself and share the other with someone in your life. It’s the perfect option if you’re ready to transform your life and want to help someone else do the same.

If you and a loved one get a Share Pack so you can both enjoy a Transformation Kit, team up to support each other! You’re much more likely to reach your goals if you’re working with someone else. You can share recipes, ask and answer questions, keep each other on-track, and offer encouragement when temptations arise. When you order your Share Pack and decide who you’re going to share Yoli with, start planning how you can best support them!

Click here to learn more about using the Transformation Kit to transform your life. For more ways to take control of your health and live your best life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!