September 2016

7 Signs You’re Doing Too Much

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It’s good to keep busy, but overdoing it can have a negative effect on both your physical and emotional health. Not sure if you’re doing too much? Check out these seven signs that you have too much on your plate! You aren’t sleeping enough. Your sleeping patterns are easily affected by your schedule. If you [...]

What is the Perfect Body

By | 2016-09-14T11:27:54+00:00 September 14th, 2016|blog, Health, YOLI BLOG|

Everywhere we go, we’re bombarded by talk about “the perfect body.” Take a glance at the magazine covers at the grocery store, turn on the television, or let your gaze wander to the advertisements online, and you’ll get plenty of unsolicited advice about what you should look like. Be thinner. Be stronger. Be curvier. Be [...]

July 2016

Why You Should Set Goals

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Whether you want to transform your life physically, emotionally, or financially, goal-setting is a critical step. Here’s why you should be setting goals! Benefits of Having Goals One of the biggest benefits of goal-setting is that it gives you something to work toward. Most people have an idea of what they want to accomplish in [...]

May 2016

Why Diets Don’t Work

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As you’re reading this, someone out there is trying the newest fad diet in an attempt to shed some extra weight. Unfortunately, they will most likely fail long-term because as a general rule, diets don’t work! Does that mean you’re doomed? Of course not! This article will take you through the reasons why diets don’t [...]