February 2017

The Synergy of Yoli Products

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While all of our products are great on their own, they’re even better when they work together. Today, we’re going to talk about how the synergy of Yoli products can help you transform your life! Weight Management The Transformation Kit is one of the best examples of Yoli products working together. Each product in the [...]

October 2016

Caffeine-Free Kits

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Last week, we talked about caffeine and the role it plays in the Better Body System. Today, we want to talk about our expanded options of caffeine-free Transformation Kits for those of you who would prefer to avoid caffeine as you transform your life! Transformation Kits The Transformation Kit is a key part of the [...]

July 2016

How Yoli Kits Work Together

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Yoli Kits are designed to help you reach your health goals. While they’re great on their own, they’re also great when they work together! How Yoli Kits Work Together There are a lot of aspects involved in your physical health. Your nutrition, your metabolism, the amount of sleep you get each night, and your physical [...]

March 2016

Lifetime Kits and You

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Some people believe that optimal health begins and ends with the Transformation Kit, but it’s an ongoing journey. Once you’ve had a physical transformation, it’s time to move on to a Lifetime Kit! Why Use a Lifetime Kit? Just like you wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth after one trip to the dentist, you shouldn’t stop [...]

September 2015

New Product Catalog Now Available

By | 2015-09-14T14:46:52+00:00 September 14th, 2015|blog, YOLI BLOG|

We’re proud to announce that our new Product Catalog is officially available! We initially released it at Transform 2015, and now we’re ready to share it with the world! What’s New? The new catalog features our newest products, Flex and Omegas! It has everything you need to know about the latest additions to the Better [...]