October 2016

8 Things to Do Instead of Eat When You’re Bored

By | 2016-10-17T14:56:57+00:00 October 17th, 2016|blog, YOLI BLOG|

Have you ever found yourself heading for the kitchen or digging into a bag of potato chips when you’re bored—even if you’re not hungry? Most of us do it from time to time, but it can completely sabotage a healthy eating plan. Ready to quit eating out of boredom? Here are eight things to do [...]

September 2015

Tips to Improve Communication Skills

By | 2015-09-09T12:14:18+00:00 September 9th, 2015|blog, YOLI BLOG|

We all like to think that we have excellent communication skills, but there’s always room for improvement. No matter what your skill level is, these tips can help you improve your ability to communicate! Listen Up! Good communication begins with good listening. While it’s easy to find yourself waiting impatiently for another person to finish [...]