January 2017

Sharing Others’ Success

By | 2017-05-31T12:46:33+00:00 January 13th, 2017|blog, YOLI BLOG|

There’s nothing better than seeing someone reach their goals, especially when it’s something they’ve worked really hard for. A big accomplishment deserves some recognition, so we encourage you to share the success of others! The Importance of Recognition Whether you’re a Yoli Member building your team or a customer looking to encourage the people you’ve [...]

December 2016

Better Body Resolution 2017

By | 2016-12-20T08:17:06+00:00 December 20th, 2016|blog, YOLI BLOG|

Something exciting is coming, Yoli Nation! On last night’s Momentum Call, we announced that our 2017 Better Body Resolution (BBR) will officially begin on January 3rd. We also announced that we have a special offer to help you get ready to hit the ground running once it begins: from now until January 2nd, Transformation Kits [...]

June 2016

Show Your Passion for Summer

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Do you love summertime? Now is the perfect time to show it! Here’s how you can get out there and show your passion for summer! Enjoy the Outdoors It may be hot outside, but that’s no reason to spend all your time indoors! There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy this summer. [...]

February 2016

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By | 2016-02-24T09:26:34+00:00 February 24th, 2016|blog, YOLI BLOG|

Have you ever noticed that the way you think of other people is usually based on the things they do rather than the things they say? That’s because actions speak louder than words. Read on to find out why that matters! Be a Leader Even if you don’t consider yourself a leader in the traditional [...]

April 2015

Social Media Know How: Twitter and Instagram

By | 2015-04-13T15:20:47+00:00 April 13th, 2015|blog, YOLI BLOG|

Last week, we gave you some tips for using Facebook to share the Better Body System. This week, we’re focusing on how you can use Twitter and Instagram to build your business! The great thing about these two social media platforms is that they can work together. One easy way to connect your Twitter with [...]

Social Media Know How: Facebook

By | 2015-04-06T16:03:02+00:00 April 6th, 2015|blog, YOLI BLOG|

If you’re not using social media to spread the word about the Better Body System, you’re missing out on a great opportunity! When used effectively, social media can be a great way to share the Yoli Better Body System. Many social media platforms offer you an invaluable opportunity to reach out and spread your message [...]

December 2014

How to Win at Gift Giving

By | 2014-12-17T16:59:42+00:00 December 17th, 2014|blog, YOLI BLOG|

When it comes to gift-giving, most of us are well-intentioned. We picture ourselves sweeping in with a beautifully-wrapped box, holding the perfect gift that will bring our mother to tears and earn us a warm hug from our father. This year, we tell ourselves, will be the year that every gift we give will be [...]

November 2014