February 2017

Why You Should Celebrate Others’ Hard Work

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Every Tuesday on our Facebook page, we post transformation stories and pictures from Yoli Members who have changed their lives using the Better Body System. It’s incredible to see how hard they’ve worked to accomplish their goals, and the best part is looking through the comment section to see Yoli Nation congratulate them on their [...]

January 2017

Sharing Others’ Success

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There’s nothing better than seeing someone reach their goals, especially when it’s something they’ve worked really hard for. A big accomplishment deserves some recognition, so we encourage you to share the success of others! The Importance of Recognition Whether you’re a Yoli Member building your team or a customer looking to encourage the people you’ve [...]

August 2016

Why Culture is Important

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Here at Yoli, we put a lot of emphasis on building a strong culture. Whether it’s in our corporate office or in the field with our Members, we know that culture can be the difference between reaching our collective goals or coming up short. In this post, we’ll talk about why culture is important and [...]

How to Prepare to Achieve

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Transform 2016—Achieve is just a few days away, and we hope you’re planning to join us! It’s going to be an incredible event, and we can’t wait to spend a few days enjoying in-depth training, networking, and plenty of fun with Yoli Nation. If you’ll be joining us in Salt Lake City, here are some [...]

What is a Servant Leader

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Being a servant-leader is a great way to help your entire team work toward success. Whether you’re familiar with the concept of servant-leadership or it’s a brand new idea to you, read on to learn how servant-leadership can help you reach your goals! Servant-Leadership A servant-leader is someone who values the needs of their team [...]

March 2016

How to Be a Good Coach

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Vince Lombardi leading the Green Bay Packers to five NFL Championships, including the first two Super Bowls. Mike Krzyzewski taking Duke Basketball to 30 NCAA tournaments and 5 national titles. Pat Summitt leading the Tennessee Women’s Basketball team to 8 National Championships. Bill Snyder turning a Kansas State football team with a 27 game losing [...]

February 2016

July 2015

April 2015

Yoli Connection – April 2015

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We started out 2015 right thanks to you Yoli Nation!  We've had so much growth during the first quarter that we've been able to expand into Canada and extend our customer service hours to meet your needs!  Our members desire to transform the lives of others is reflected in the growth of Yoli and for [...]