24 02, 2017

What is Social Health

By |2017-05-31T10:04:47-06:00February 24th, 2017|blog, Health, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

There are a lot of things that contribute to your overall health, including your relationships with other people. Today, we’re going to talk about your social health and why it’s important! Social Health Social health is commonly defined as your ability to form meaningful relationships [...]

7 09, 2016

3 Tips to Make Lunch Prep Easier

By |2016-09-08T15:49:35-06:00September 7th, 2016|blog, Health, Recipes, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

Making your own lunches is a great way to work toward a healthier lifestyle, and preparing them ahead of time can save you a lot of time. Here are three tips to help you make your lunch prep easier! Keep it simple. Eating healthy doesn’t [...]

29 07, 2016

How Attitude Determines Outcome

By |2016-08-26T08:53:55-06:00July 29th, 2016|blog, Health, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

Your talents and your skills are important, but they’re not the only things that affect your ability to succeed. Your attitude plays a big role in what you’re able to accomplish! Why Your Attitude Matters Your attitude affects the outcome of every situation that you [...]

1 06, 2016

3 Tips to Stay Slim for Summer

By |2016-08-26T09:09:41-06:00June 1st, 2016|blog, Health, YOLI BLOG|0 Comments

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Get Slim for Summer with us! It was an incredible eight weeks, and we loved seeing so many of you transform your lives. If you’re looking for ways to maintain the progress that you’ve made, you’re in luck. Here [...]

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