The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Our BBR challenge this week is about overcoming obstacles and resisting temptation, and having a plan in place is one of the best ways to do that. Here’s how planning ahead can help you be prepared to take on challenges as you transform your life!

Planning Your Meals

Last week’s BBR challenge was doing meal prep, and we picked it for a good reason! Meal prep is any food preparation that you do ahead of time, from cutting up a few vegetables to preparing full meals. It can be a huge help because some of the work to make a healthy meal is done ahead of time.

Even if you don’t want to do meal prep, having an idea of what you’re going to eat during the week can make a big difference. If you come home exhausted at the end of a long day and have no plans in place for what you’re going to eat, it’s going to be much more tempting to grab something unhealthy. But if you know which healthy meal you’re going to eat, you’re more likely to stick with it.

At the beginning of the week, take a few minutes to plan out your meals. You may end up making adjustments, but starting out with a plan will give you the best opportunity to succeed!

Planning Your Workouts

It’s no secret that staying physically active is important for your health. It’s good for your heart, your muscles, your bones, your weight, your emotional health, your immune health, and more. That’s why we recommend working out 30-45 minutes three to five times each week. But it can be hard to find time in the day to work out unless you plan for it!

If you want to stick with an exercise routine, schedule your workouts and treat them like you’d treat any other important commitment. Be sure to find the time of the day that works best for you so it will be easier to stick with your workout.  By planning out your workouts and committing to make them a priority, it will be much easier to make exercise a habit!

Planning ahead will help you with this week’s BBR challenge, so make sure you participate here for your chance to win a prize. To stay up-to-date on everything happening during the Better Body Resolution, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!