The Importance of a Night Routine

Last week we talked about the importance of setting a morning routine. Starting and ending your day in a purposeful way can help you be healthier, keep you focused on your goals, and allow you to center your thoughts for a more positive mindset! Today we will be talking about the importance of setting a nightly routine!

Avoid Stimulants

One of the biggest mistakes people make is stimulating their minds and bodies before bed. The light given off by our handheld devices, like phones and tablets, reduce melatonin production and make it harder to sleep. It can also cause anxiousness with all of the things happening on social media. Instead of unwinding on your phone, try reading a book, doing a craft, or meditating!

Hunger is also considered a stimulant. If you’re the type to wake up for a midnight snack, avoid keeping yourself up by eating something light before you go to bed. Something like almonds, a hard boiled egg, or some cheese to keep your stomach from grumbling! Eating a snack that’s packed with protein will help you stay fuller longer without bogging you down with heavy carbs.

Stop the Race!

Something that keeps a lot of us up at night is our racing mind. By adding journaling or meditation into our nightly routine, we are better able to slow it down, making it easier to drift into a peaceful sleep once the time comes. 

When it comes to journaling, you can write about anything! Your day, the things you’re worried about, or even a description of your favorite food! Anything that will help clear your mind. We encourage you to also write down things you’re grateful for. Doing this will help end your day on a positive note, regardless of how terrible it may have seemed.

Prepare for the Next Morning

If we have a big day ahead of us, we may find it hard to sleep due to anticipation! By getting ready for the coming day before going to bed, your mind will be at ease knowing you have prepared in advance. It could be as simple as setting out your clothes or packing your lunch for work. Anything you can do to make the next day easier will help provide that much more peace of mind!

By setting a nightly routine, you are setting yourself up for success. On the nights your routine doesn’t go exactly as planned and you need a bit of extra help falling asleep, try Dream! It’s a non-habit forming sleep supplement, full of nutrients your body needs to achieve optimal rest.

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