Sometimes in life, we can find ourselves stuck in the mud as far as personal development goes. Even if you’re happy with where you are, shouldn’t you continue to improve? Today we’ll be talking about the importance of self improvement at every point in your life.


Newton’s first law of motion is well known— something that is at rest will stay at rest. Something in motion will stay in motion. That is to say, unless an outside force stops it! When you begin to work on yourself, often times you’ll find that there may be more work to do than you had originally thought. But, don’t let it overwhelm you! Take that opportunity to build momentum. Don’t decide you’ve done enough. Once one thing is completed, move on to the next.

If you’ve been stuck in the same spot for a while, you need to be the outside force that is pushing you back into motion. Start with something simple. Is there a minor bad habit you have been wanting to squash? Find ways to nip it in the bud. Have you been meaning to start working out again? Schedule out walks three times a week. Start small and build that inertia! Soon, you’ll be an unstoppable force of self improvement.


A plateau can be one of the hardest places to be stuck. Whether it’s weight loss or your attempt to improve your art skills, feeling like you can’t move forward can be really hard. When you get to this place, take a moment to step back and breathe. Then you can evaluate why you haven’t made any progress. Are you going about your goal in the wrong way? Is there another way you can approach it? Looking at your goals in a more creative way can often help you find a solution.

An example of this would be in your workout goal. If you’re having a hard time reaching it, you may consider switching things up, trying different meal plans to get proper fuel, or even asking a third party for their opinion! Do your best to not get frustrated. Getting stuck somewhere is a part of everyone’s self improvement. As long as you don’t settle for being there, you will eventually manage to make your way off the plateau.


As nice as it would be to sit back and watch someone else break our old habits, it’s not going to happen! You’re the only one who can create the better version of you. You owe it to yourself to improve! You deserve the opportunity to be better than you were yesterday.

It’s important to ask yourself what it is that’s holding you back. Fear of failure? The desire to focus all of your time on others? Regardless of what it is, it could never be more important than your own success, no matter what that looks like to you.

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