At Yoli, we’re big believers in the importance of motivation. It’s hard to accomplish anything without it! But while having motivation matters, what you do with it is just as important.

Today, we want to talk about using your motivation to cultivate healthy habits that will last you a long time!


Motivation is a key part of reaching any goal. If you’re not truly motivated to accomplish something, it’s easy to be derailed by the first obstacle you encounter. That’s why we encourage everyone working to transform their lives to focus on their why statement. Knowing why you’re working toward your goals is a powerful motivator!

But while motivation is important, it can occasionally fall short when you encounter obstacles. Rather than relying on motivation to fuel all of your actions, use it to create healthy habits that will help you stay on-track even on days when you run into roadblocks along the way.

For example, let’s say you want to transform your life physically. You set your goals, and you’re motivated to reach them. You hit the ground running, and for the first couple of weeks, everything runs smoothly. You’re eating well, you’re exercising, and you’re feeling awesome.

But then things get difficult. You have a million things going on, and it’s harder and harder to find time to make a healthy dinner. The fast-food restaurant down the street starts calling your name. The couch looks more enticing than a trip to the gym. Your motivation just isn’t as high as it was for the first two weeks.

If you’re relying solely on motivation to fuel your healthy choices, it’s easy to be derailed by a week like this one. But if you used your initial motivation to do some meal prep and have healthy meals ready to go when you’re busy, you’ve made it much easier to stick with your healthy lifestyle changes. That’s why it’s so important not just to be motivated, but to use it to create habits that will help you stay on-track even when life gets in the way.

Using motivation to create long-term habits is a great way to work toward your goals. For more tips for a happy, healthy life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!