As we begin week four of the Better Body Resolution, we have another weekly promotion for you! This week—January 23 to January 29—bottles of Flex are 10% off, so today, we’re going to talk about flexibility and why it’s important for your overall health!

Why Being Flexible is Important for Overall Health_Thumb


Flexibility may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your health, but it actually plays a significant role. Flexibility, or the range of motion in your joints, is what gives you the ability to take care of yourself and continue to do the things you love!

Without adequate flexibility, everyday tasks become much harder, whether you’re bending down to tie your shoes or playing at the park with your children. You’re more prone to aches, pains, and injury, and being physically active is a more difficult endeavor.

On the other hand, flexibility makes day-to-day living much easier. You can live an active lifestyle and continue to do the things you love, which will help with both your physical and emotional health. That’s why we encourage you to do what you can to work on your flexibility!


Because your flexibility is dependent on your joints, take steps to keep them healthy with Flex! It’s a daily joint health supplement designed to give you essential nutrients for healthy cartilage and reduce the effects of everyday wear and tear on your joints. It does so using two proprietary blends, Limber-C™ and Mobiliflex™, that feature ingredients including chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. These blends are unique to Yoli, so you won’t find them anywhere else!*

Remember, bottles of Flex are 10% off through January 29, so take advantage of this offer and place your order in your Team Office today!



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