Why It’s Fine to Take Care of Yourself First

Putting other people’s needs ahead of your own seems like a noble ambition. You want to help others, and you’re willing to push your own needs to the side in order to do so. But while having a desire to help others is a good thing, it should never come at the expense of your own wellbeing. It’s okay to take care of yourself first— read on to find out why!

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Your health will improve.

Doing too much without taking care of your own needs can have a negative impact on both your physical and emotional health. Physically, you run the risk of exhausting yourself or making yourself sick. Long-term stress has also been linked to chronic headaches, increased blood pressure, and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, so making sure your own needs are met is important for your physical health.

Of course, your physical health isn’t the only thing you should consider. Your emotional health is just as important! Trying to do everything without taking care of your own needs can leave you overwhelmed and emotionally drained. It’s hard to maintain your health when you feel like that, so work hard to find time to take care of yourself!

You’re better equipped to help others when your needs are met.

The idea of taking care of yourself first may seem selfish, but making your own wellbeing a priority puts you in a better position to help others. If you’re running yourself ragged trying to do everything at the expense of your own physical and emotional health, you aren’t going to be able to give anything your best effort. It will become harder and harder to balance everything, and eventually, things will start slipping through the cracks.

On the other hand, when you’re at your best, you can give others your best. You’ll have more focus, you’ll feel stronger, and being healthy physically and emotionally will improve your ability to take care of the people in your life. When you take care of yourself first and then help others, everyone will benefit!

Other people will step up.

Many people worry that if they don’t do everything themselves, nothing will get done. It may surprise you, however, that the people in your life will step up when you need them to. Don’t be afraid to lean on your support system and let them know when you’re struggling. Ask them to help you where they can so you’re able to make your own health a priority. Doing so will ease the burden you’re carrying, and your loved ones will enjoy having the opportunity to help you!


Taking care of yourself first is a great way to make sure you’re working toward optimal health. For more tips for a happy, healthy life, subscribe to the blog and check out our Facebook page!

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