Yoli Appoints Founder Bobby Jones to New Position

Seasoned Industry and Product Expert Brings More Focus on Business Strategyyoli_bobby-icon

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – November 18, 2014 —Yoli, also known as the Better Body Company, announced today that founder Bobby Jones will be moving into a more strategy-related role as the new Senior Vice President of Strategy.

In his new role as Executive Vice President of Strategy, Jones will contribute to existing strategy and business development as well as assist in strategic business planning, competitive assessments, marketplace evaluations and new growth opportunities.

Jones most recently served as Chief Product Officer. In that role, he oversaw product formulation and improvement ensuring a more holistic approach to product development.

“As the company grows, it’s only natural that we continue to draw on the experience of our Founders in the best possible ways, “said Kale Carlile, COO, about the new title. “We need someone with Bobby’s unique perspective and background to assist in that growth, so he’s moving into a position that’s more strategy-based.”

A former personal fitness trainer and field leader, Jones also started and built a multi-million-dollar security and staffing company that annually employs thousands of people. Jones appreciates the direct sales model and believes it is the best business model for individuals to succeed.

To fill the vacancy left by Jones’ new appointment, Yoli has created a product team that specializes in formulation and manages product development. If there are any product questions, Members and customers are asked to contact customer service by either calling 888-295-9009 or emailing cs@yoli.com and they will route the requests accordingly.

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