Yoli Nation Events

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Yoli Nation Events are hosted by Members of Yoli Nation rather than the Yoli Corporate Team. With the exception of Team-Building Events, Yoli Corporate provides training materials and guidelines for these events in order to ensure that training is equal across the board. Yoli Nation Events encourage hands-on training, duplication, and teamwork. They are an invaluable resource for all of our Yoli Members and a powerful tool for business-building!

Better Body Party

A Better Body Party (BBP) is an event hosted by a Member to introduce new people to Yoli. They are typically small in size with just a handful of guests in attendance, and are the foundation of Yoli business-building. Every Member of Yoli begins their journey at a Better Body Party!

At Better Body Parties, guests sample Yoli products and watch videos created by Yoli Corporate in order to learn about the benefits of the Better Body System. Once the videos are finished, guests have the opportunity to join Yoli as a Member or Preferred Customer and place their first orders. These events are fun, simple, and incredibly important to anyone looking to transform their lives financially by sharing the Better Body System.