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At Yoli, we love seeing people transform their lives using the Better Body System. Today, we’re excited to share the story of someone who has transformed not only his own life, but the lives of the people around him by combining exercise and the BBS: Anthony Sanchez!

We were so inspired by Anthony that we reached out to learn more about his experiences with the Better Body System, and this is what he had to say!

What made you decide to get started with Yoli?

I was looking for something different that could support myself and my family with their health goals. I was tired, had no energy, gained weight, and had problems sleeping. I was lacking self-confidence.

How are you using exercise and Yoli together?

I coach one-on-one clients and facilitate endurance events from 60 to 100+ people. I use Passion for a great boost in the morning and for my workouts. Fun and Alkalete I feel have helped me with my recovery time, especially when I do obstacle course racing!

What’s your favorite Yoli product?

Berry Passion is my favorite for energy and alertness.

Fun makes me feel like I can work out forever.

Dream helps me sleep great and wake up with energy.

What obstacles did you encounter on the BBS and how did you overcome them?

At first, I wasn’t used to cooking or making good food choices. The BBS made it simple for me to get what I needed in my daily regiment, save money, and not get bored of eating same thing.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on the BBS?

  • Prep yourself at least one day.
  • Watch the My First 28 Days video.
  • I always suggest starting on a Monday so the week is fresh.
  • Take good photos from the front, side, and back. Take measurements weekly and get a body analysis. Progress will be shown in one of these, so do it weekly.
  • Be committed and remember why you started. Be someone’s inspiration and remember that there’s someone looking up to you. Reach out for support and utilize all of the tools Yoli offers.

How has your life changed since you started your transformation?

Before, I lacked confidence in myself and my decisions. I was not happy how I looked. Now, I’m fully of energy and love myself. I love what it has done for all my friends and family. I got my mom back—she was at 219 pounds, and now she’s at 128. She’s a Yoli rock star!

I have been on 3 incentive trips with a lot of my friends, I’m currently on my 2nd luxury car, and I’m able to pursue my passion of helping people.

I created my own fitness brand that focuses on only creating results. Whether it’s one extra step, one extra push-up, or one extra mile, you are moving in progression to your positive future. Everyone is on their own journey, and we can’t compare ourselves to anyone. We just need to enjoy the ride.

With my team we have supported more than 800 transformations since December 2015. What excites me most is that I get to create a legacy with my family and impact everyone I care about.

Is there anything else you want Yoli Nation to know?

If you love people, Yoli is for you. If you want to know what family is, Yoli is for you. If you’re here to transform lives and give people an experience they will never forget, Yoli is for you. It’s not about the money; it’s about the difference you make in the lives you care about.



Thanks for sharing your story, Anthony! If you’d like to share your story with us, you can do so here. Subscribe to our blog and check out our Facebook page to see more stories like Anthony’s!

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